Tax consulting and planning services to Companies and Individuals

IAS Accounting Services Ltd provides its companies with up to date Tax Consulting Services. These include taxation services for:

  • Individual Tax Returns
  • Individual (International) Tax Returns
  • Corporation Tax Returns
  • Partnership Tax Returns
  • Estate Tax Returns
  • Fiduciary Tax Returns
  • Not for Profit Tax Returns

Frequently, it is a challenge for small businesses and entrepreneurs to separate business and person transactions. And with big businesses, many may employ the services of an accountant, however in very few cases are they usually tax knowledgeable and compliance savvy. It is thus very important that one has trustworthy and credible tax advisor whom will provide guidance on all tax matters specific to their line of business.

Also, often, an individual or organization may be unaware of the numerous required taxation that may fall within their line of business. These, if unattended could lead to damaging audit reports, and in worst cases, the closure of the business. To prevent this from happening, businesses need to certify that they are tax compliant and to achieve this they need to receive accurate tax advice.

IAS-Tax-AdvisoryThe highest form of compliancy is ensuring that the organization operates within the required tax laws. IAS Accounting Services Ltd ascertains this by providing its clients in determining, calculating and complying with deductible business taxes. These may be for an individual or a company.

One can also not address tax compliance without the deliberate revision of the required certifications that a specific business may need. This documentation that goes to the core operating permits of a business would need thorough study and execution.

Tax consulting services by IAS Accounting Services Ltd AS ensure that due diligence is performed in the research of relevant information that would be required by the company to ensure that it is tax compliant. In addition to this, assistance is provided to the client in the determination of the company’s tax liability, filing requirements and deadlines. Preparation of federal, state and local tax returns, calculation of the accurate figures of taxes that need to be paid, and annual plus periodic tax accounting services would be made more expedient.

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