Audit Services

IAS Accounting Services Ltd offers Audit services to its clients that include:

  • Auditing – a rigorous inspection to assure client precision
  • Reviewing – analytical measures to confirm or amend existing financial figures
  • Compilation – summation of relevant financial information into required reports

Auditing is a prerequisite of any business. It ensures that all your financial records are in accordance with the law and that legal monetary practices are effective. However, auditing may be a daunting task. One that is not only time consuming but also requires adequate expertise in order to get it right.

IAS-Audit-ServicesMoreover, larger businesses may be funded by investors. Such enterprises would require periodical reporting to investors on the audit status of the company. This would necessitate not just the examination of financial records, but also the processes and control measures set in place by management to ensure that polices are adhered to, financial practices to support the business are the most efficient and that the business is doing as best as it possibly could.

Auditing is best done by a party that is independent to the business. This then ensures that this is minimal or zero misrepresentation of information and reduces fraudulent. Its goal is to serves as a pictorial representation by an independent entity on the status of one’s business. It paints a holistic picture in terms of positives and negatives of what is being done and what could be done better. Audited accounts form the base of external party decision making including whether to be employed/work for the company, whether investing in the business is profitable or whether to buy or sell shares of the company etc.

IAS Accounting Services Ltd thus promises to ascertain with rigorous accuracy that companies’ financial statements provide accurate financial information to the shareholders and other stakeholders. Also, that all financial information conforms to the national standards. And most importantly, that the audit services provided not only add value to the decision making of the company but also provide strategic direction in the client’s business venture.

IAS Accounting Services Ltd.’s aim is to advise the client on whether their financial statements are presented fairly and accurately, and in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices. With the accreditation of IAS Accounting Services Ltd, one is guaranteed reputable audit documentation that will build the businesses image. This will pave way for accurate decision making and substantial business growth.

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